So, this is exciting!!! The official introduction of ‘Curated by Brass & Rose’…another interior blog we hear you cry, well we don’t plan on it!

Curated by Brass & Rose is our little haven, a space where we will be sharing our beautiful projects and the inspiration behind the spaces we lovingly design here at Brass & Rose Interiors. That’s not the only thing though, we want this to be a platform to bring together a creative community, makers, doers, movers, and shakers welcome! 

As an owner of a small local business (and very proud of that fact too), we are always the first to shout about other local companies and lovely people that inspire us, and we want Curated by Brass & Rose to help us do exactly that.

So why Curated some may ask? Well after a lot of deliberation and long hours googling synonyms with some very odd outcomes, we felt Curated best described what we want this to be – an organic collection of all things interiors.

We really dream that in this space we can showcase all the great things we do but also all the great things others in the world of interiors are doing too, we want it to be genuine, approachable and something you look forward to sitting down to read with a cup of tea and our personal fave, a chocolate hobnob.

Over the next few weeks, we will be popping up at events in the North East, speaking with exciting people from exciting businesses and asking you, what do you want to know!

We are super excited about the future of Curated by Brass & Rose and would love for you to join us on our journey to inspire and be inspired.

Now, this is where we really need you … if you have a favourite local furniture store, know of an inspiring person who deserves the limelight, have a burning question that keeps you awake at night, like should I really wallpaper my bathroom, what colour vase would really look good with my sofa or even an have event you would like to invite us to then get in touch. WE ARE TAKING OVER THE WORLD … WANT TO JOIN US?!





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